Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Clichy estate

Number of homes under threat: 100

Landlord: Tower Hamlets Council

Ballot Status: Approved

Planning Status: Pending

Circa 100 homes on Stepney’s Clichy estate have been earmarked for demolition earmarked for redevelopment by Tower Hamlets Council.

In April 2020, the ballot of ‘eligible’ residents on Stepney’s Clichy estate went ahead despite consultation sessions being cancelled due to the Coronavirus and resulted in a 98% vote in favour of redevelopment on a 90% turnout.

Residents had previously been consulted on an ‘infill’ option as well as full redevelopment. But the info pack sent to residents with the ballot papers asked only whether they wanted full redevelopment or not. Leaseholders were told if they voted against redevelopment then they would be faced with major bills. Residents were told that if they don’t vote for full redevelopment then they will likely be faced with the infill option anyway:

clichy ballot
Extract from the info-pack sent to residents with the ballot paper.

The appointed architects PRP will now draw up a planning application for the Council to submit to its planning committee in late 2020.

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